Frequently Asked

Answers to commonly asked questions

Because of the unmatched strength, extreme fire resistance, excellent noise cancellation, comfort, reduced maintenance and disaster resilience.
Considering factors such as location and costs of labour, the average home built with SuperForm ICF is roughly 5% more than conventional methods at completion (not including long-term energy savings or lower maintenance costs).

Thanks to builders becoming accustomed to ICF basement builds in many areas, it is common for SuperForm ICF basements to be less expensive or on par with conventional methods at completion.

Builds constructed entirely with SuperForm ICF have up to 60% less energy costs compared to traditional construction.

An enhanced environment is created inside the building by using inert and stable materials in the exterior walls that do not rot, decay, harbour mold or release any harmful dust or gasses. In the extreme case of being exposed to fire, these forms release fewer toxins than pine, oak, wool or cotton.

A SuperForm wall combines the resistance value of EPS foam (inside and out) and the thermal mass effect of the poured concrete, resulting in an R-Value double a conventional wall. To put that into perspective, an average conventional 2×6 wall has an overall R-value of approximately R-14 when all headers, studs and plates are factored in.

SuperForm recommends placing concrete in 4’ lifts per hour, as per ACI 318 standard practice. Backed by experience, SuperForm installers routinely stack and pour 12 vertical feet with some pours as high as 15 feet. For those without extensive experience, 8-10 vertical feet is common.

Due to the unmatched strength of the SuperForm Blocks, minimal scabbing/cleating is needed. With an opening that is close to a corner, some cleats or scabs are used to tie it all together, but generally, no spray foam or tape is needed.

SuperForm blocks have a 1.5” furring strip every 6”, running the full length of the block. Embedded 1/4” below the foam, they mimic a regular dimensional stud, yet having a higher pullout strength, making attachments to walls easy.

Even though SuperForm is extremely tight-fitting block, it is still essential to apply damp-proofing to your below-grade builds. We stock high-quality Soprema and a 1-piece tarp, making damp-proofing fast and straightforward.

No, SuperForm has one of the most flexible blocks available. If you do consider your dimensions around 1” increments, your builds will go smoother and faster, making your job easier all around.

In weather below 5C/41F, you’ll need to order your concrete heated, and concrete placement works just like it was warm outside. Depending on the situation, you may need to cover the top of your wall to prevent the surface from freezing. Contact your local distributor for more details.

SuperForm is proud of being green. We recycle most EPS foam used in our community and plastics used in our facility. Our EPS foam emits no CFCs, HCFCs, or VOCs. The energy efficiency of SuperForm makes for the use of fewer resources to keep the indoors comfortable, less job-site waste, and fewer trees needed.

Any questions you have should be directed to SuperForm OKGN. Should your distributor be unable to solve the issue, they will contact HQ direct on your behalf.

SuperForm Products operates exclusively through a distributor model. For any pricing and product availability, contact SuperForm OKGN.